Friday, April 20, 2018

This is a Banana!

This is a banana! I’ve spent my whole life believing this was an apple. My mama was the first one to tell me it was an apple, and I believed her. Why wouldn’t I?

I finally learned the truth. This is a banana!

What do you think this is? Who told you what it is? Do you have any comments about this banana?

Photo is mine - decorated at Fotojet 


  1. well it's a funny looking banana!

  2. Is that a trick question? Um. I'm certain that is an apple but I'll bet there's some very good reason you think it might be a banana. Perhaps Jace insisted it is a banana and you don't want to contradict him? Dying to know the answer to this otherwise my good senses might leave me.

    ; ) The Castle Lady

  3. Looks like a banana to me for sure Leona, especially if you say so lol ;)

  4. Hi Leona. Maybe, it’s a heart.

  5. I rarely see fruit with leaves on. But I don't think bananas have leaves. They just grow in bunches on a vine, don't they?

    Wonder how many kids nowadays can eat an apple they picked off a tree themselves. Not a tree in an apple orchard, but one that's just growing in their neighborhood.

  6. We do have apple bananas in Hawaii which we always get.


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