Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let’s Go To Galveston

Fasten your seat belts. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, Mike’s driving. As we head for the Beltway we stop behind a big dump truck at the red light. You remember, the one with the big rock perched high on the back and the sign warning followers not to get too close.

The signal light changes and we follow the dump truck through it to complete our left turn. That done, Mike smoothly changes into the left lane beside the truck and gets us out of harms-way. We easily enter the beltway and head for the open road.

Galveston, here we come!

The sun is high in the sky, shining brightly, intermittently making its way through fluffy white clouds. There’s hardly a patch along the way where the entire sky is not filled with puffy cotton candy-like clouds. As we approach the I-45 exit, traffic is deceptively light, not many people traveling this particular stretch of road right now.

We exit the Beltway and head south on I-45. Galveston, here we come! Oh, I said that already, didn’t I? Traffic is heavier now, this is more like it. There is usually always moderate to heavy traffic on I-45.

We’re getting closer, you can see palm trees lining the streets and beach houses in the distance. I’m beginning to feel lighter already! Mike and I both have looked forward to this trip for quite a while. So, we ride along quietly contemplating how we’ll spend our time once we get there.

Before I realize it, we’re at the corner of the Galveston Seawall & Heaven.

We make our way to the hotel, just a short distance to the left here. We sign-in and get directions to our room, on the 12th floor. Inside the elevator, I breathe a sigh of relief. We made it, finally! Two weeks in a row we had to cancel our trip because of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

This place is amazing, breathtakingly beautiful! I might never go back home, Mike’s going to have to pry-me-loose and drag me to the car to go back.

We’re really here!!! Look at that view of the beach from the balcony of our room. Now I understand why Mike wanted a room so high off the ground, makes a world of difference in how things look. We spend a while taking in the view and chatting.

Back inside the room, we decide to order breakfast and eat a bite before embarking on any kind of adventures. The words sleep and rest keep popping in and out of our list of things to do. While we wait for breakfast, we decide on a definite plan. We’ll eat, then rest. And if we feel like it, we’ll venture out to see some sights and such afterwards.

I like the sound of that it’s exactly what I need…rest! One day and one whole night of nothing but pure honest-to-goodness sleep sounds like sheer heaven! Go for it, DellGirl! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. sounds like a perfect vacation...enjoy!

  2. Oh yae!!! Absolutely get some nice rest and then GO FOR IT! See and experience everything you can and blog about it. :-)

  3. blessings.....
    its all good as long as it FUN and what you want and need.

    thanks for photo tour.

  4. Leona, what an awesome vacation! Thanks for the pictures and tour. I love riding to a new place with the sun high and those fluffy clouds. I hope life is good for you, my friend. *waves*

  5. Hello there friend, I hope you are doing well. I just came by to say hello and to wish you a great week.


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