Monday, July 9, 2012

So What If The Air Conditioner Is Broke?

There is a way out of this, not to worry.  

 Me, myself, & I are together again. The two of them (myself & I) ganged-up on me and gave me a good tongue lashing. “Girrrrrl, you better get a grip on yourself. Get a move on and get something going around here, namely ... some cool air.

“You better get some of that “arm-and-a-leg” money you’ve been saving for a rainy day, go to Home Depot and get a couple of window air conditioners and, call it a day. You grew up without central air and you can do without it now. You know the deal, when the going gets tough the tough gets going. So get tough and get going! NOW!”

Wow, thank you ladies. I needed that kick in the rear. I’ll get up first thing in the morning, run on over to Home Depot and, pick up two window units, then everything will be okay.

And, that’s just what happened. Me, myself, & I and Jordyn and Jace went to Home Depot and picked up the window air conditioners. Back at home, the two boys installed them. By early evening, the house was cool again.

Going back to my country roots has served me well many times, this one was no different. It only goes to prove the old saying is right, you can take the girl out of the country but, you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Thank God for window air conditioners and for giving my alter-egos; me, myself, & I the presence of mind to remember from ‘whence we cometh.’ 

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  1. we are certainly spoiled by modern conveniences and our reliance on electricity. I remember cars without AC.

  2. Blessings.....
    I don't have air conditioning at home and God has seen me through. I have one loyal fan that keeps trugging along, its tempermental, doesn't like to be touched just anyhow or it'll just stop working till you get it together and show it some tenderness then it'll start working again.

    I love me some artificial air, get in the bus, the train and in my office, so I live for those moments till i get back to reality, my hot home, my blessed home, am greatful.

    have a blessed one my friend.

  3. Woohoo!!!! Oh yes! Absolutely! With this heat, you needed to do it yesterday. However, better now than much later.

  4. I hear you Leona. We're getting triple digit heat which is unheard of for Denver. I'm not liking this really hot weather but at least we're staying in the 90s for now. I never thought I would ever write the last sentence I wrote.

    Phew ! Turn that fan in my direction pleeeease ! LOL

  5. It is good that you decided to buy an air conditioning unit before your alter-egos started to get cranky. And it is sweet of your two boys come with you to buy and install the unit for you. I think, with the hot weather and temperature we’re experiencing nowadays, having a working air conditioning unit can help cool down anybody.

  6. I admire your mental strength! To avoid this kind of ordeal in the near future, check your air con regularly. The parts in your A/C that need utmost attention are the evaporator and condenser. These are the ones in charge with the distribution of air, which is the common problem with broken A/C’s.

  7. Yes! Thank goodness you got yourself a new AC! Now you can enjoy your nights sleeping in a cool and comfy room! It is hard to imagine a house without a proper air conditioning system. Sleeping would be a task as the heat will make you uncomfortable and sweaty. And the heat can set you off the mood, too.

  8. It was a good decision to purchase an AC! You can now have a good night's sleep on hot summer days. Use your AC properly, so it can provide you quality service for a very long time. Also, don’t forget to have it checked for regular maintenance.

    -Georgia Fuller

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