Friday, January 11, 2013


I have been Hacked!!!

DO NOT RESPOND to the email that I (dellgirl, Leona, etc) was mugged in Malaysia and urgently need money. It is a SCAM...perpetrated by hackers!

Thank you Lin for posting a comment about the strange email. I appreciate that so much. I've spent the past several days wondering how to let everyone know my email was Hacked!

Fortunately, I learned about it early enough to do something about it and correct the situation. Thanks to many friends and relatives who called, I heard almost immediately about the strange message.

Those who know me personally called to tell me I had been Hacked. They knew definitely-for-sure that I, dellgirl, Leona, etc., would not be in Malaysia without first having shouted out to them that I was going. 

That said, I am not in Malaysia. I have not been mugged over there. So, do not send money to wherever the Hacker told you to send it. 

Truth-be-told, I will gladly accept $2,800.00 if you have that kind of money to give away (laughing-out-really-LOUD-over here). If you still want to give me the money now that you know I am not hurt, let me know so I can come get it. Hahahaheeehee!

Seriously! The email that I was mugged in Malaysia and need money is a hoax, a scam, by Hackers!

Thanks to everyone for caring and for letting me know about the strange email.

Have you ever been scammed? Had your email hacked? Anything similar? What happened? What did you do? Any advice for others facing a similar situation? 


  1. Blessings.....
    ooops....stupid people with no life and no goals.

    Glad you were alerted...
    stay blessed.

  2. change your email password is my advice...

  3. Yea, changing your password normally stops it then for those people who are important to me I try to let them know individually. And apologize for filling the email box with crazy stuff.

    I'm glad you were notified. This is silly, but I feel bad that I didn't get it. What if you were really stranded somewhere and really needed help? *snicking a little* It just dawned on me that you probably wouldn't send an email (LOL). Okay, my imagination has been soothed.

    A lot of folks recommend changing your password on a regular basis. I just find that too tedious. I've noticed some services "forcing" you to change so this doesn't happen.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  4. Isn't this the most awful thing? I didn't fall for it though I was surprised at first. One of my neighbors got a phone call from someone purporting to be his grandson needing money sent by Western Union because he'd been in a car crash. My neighbor went down to send it, but the Western Union fellow asked him to verify it by calling his grandson himself. He did and saved himself a couple of thousand dollars. He sent a thank you gift basket to the Western Union fellow.

  5. Blessings, just checking in, hope all is well.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  6. Oh no, Leona! I am so sorry about this. My blog was hacked back late last summer. It will never be the same again. I am switching to WP. These hacker people sure do have lots of time on their hands. Hope you are well and I KNOW you are lovin' on that precious grandson of yours.

    Happy weekend my friend! :-)


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