Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Going to Great-Granny's

Saturday, September 21, 2013, Jordyn and I took a road trip to Jasper for a surprise visit with Mama, it had been a long time since we visited and Jace wasn't with us. Needless to say, Mama had tons of questions about him. We had a wonderful visit and promised to come back the second weekend in October and bring Jace. Friday, October 11th, we take Jace to Jasper to see her.

Our first and only stop along the way is at the service station in the Indian Village for gas. Jace has done really well so far. Jace and I walk around and explore a bit while his mommie fills the gas tank. Jace is captivated by some interesting looking rocks on our little walk.

We pick up a few rocks and I show him how to 'chunk' them down the little grassy slope to occupy ourselves (him) for a minute while his mommie gets gas. He enjoys his rock finding adventure and I love watching him 'chunk' rocks down the hill.

We make it to Jasper and Jace steals the show at great granny's house, he is the 'star-of-the-weekend' (as usual). He is his usual sweet & sour self, he does his zero-to-one-hundred thing like only he can do.

Mama has some kind of allergy related cough going on and, we didn't realize that until we got back home. The first time she coughs, Jace runs over to her chair and starts patting on her knee, HARD - - that's as far as he could reach (she thought it was a beating).

Jordyn and I realize Jace is doing his version of patting someone on the back when they cough. Mama thinks he's fighting her. We explain that he is helping her by patting her when she starts to cough, then she gets it.

Saturday I spend the day taking care of paperwork and doing stuff for Mama that she can't do well herself anymore. Mostly it's going through junk mail and getting rid of all the requests for donations (that's a whole 'nother story there).

Sunday is my birthday! She sings the 'Happy Birthday Song' (line by line and word for word) as soon as I walk into the living room for the morning. She sings to everyone, always has...always will I guess. I thank her, give her a big hug, and head to the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee.

We spend the morning catching up here and there, setting future goals, and preparing for the trip home. Mama ceremoniously presents me with a gift basket somebody had previously given her for my birthday present, she's been doing that for a while now. I guess today it would be called 'recycling' ... giving away old stuff you don't need or want and you're not able to run to the store any old time you want to.

My mother-in-law gives me a gift, several pairs of earrings. It was a good day since Mama and my mother-in-law thinks enough of me to want to give me something.

My daughter, Jordyn, bought me 2 beautiful tank tops with lace around the neckline, one is red. I've been wanting a red one for a long time, but I haven't gotten around to buying it myself. My two grown boys give me giant big huge hugs and "I love you(s)".

Grandbaby, Jace, huggggs my neck tightly and sweetly says, "Happy birthday, MiMi. I wuv you!"
PaPa dellgirl cooks, makes me dinner, and gives me some spending change. What more could I ask for!?

What a wonderful Happy Birthday it is!!!

Life has some good moments in between the not so good ones. These are a few of the good ones. I will cherish and remember these good times with a smile on my face for a long time to come!


  1. sounds perfect...happy birthday!

  2. Thanks for taking us along the way for Your Birthday. Loved every minute of it. Life's Moments that warm your heart are absolutely priceless. ((HUGS))!!

  3. Thank you, Lin. Glad you had a chance to stop in and read.

  4. Hiiiiii, Taffy. What a wonderful surprise to see you, thanks for the lovely comment.

  5. Oh wow, Leona. Happy late birthday. But I can see it was all that you deserve. You are one lovely lady and your family knows what they have in you. :-)

  6. Robyn, I'm so glad you could come by. It's good to see your smiling face. I appreciate the sweet comment, you're making me blush. Thank you for that.

  7. Happy Birthday, Leona!!! What a wonderful birthday you had and what a beautiful family. Jace is such a sweetie to want to help everybody when they're coughing.

  8. Thanks for taking time to stop by and for the lovely comment, Kay. Yes, Jace is really helpful with the coughing. We just have to hurry and stop coughing or he'll beat us half to death.


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