Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Tough Week

Another tough week here. Thank God we made it though!

Munchkin had fever Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons and at night, mornings were fine -- no fever. Sometimes it was as high as 104. We did everything the doctor said, waiting with purse and shoes at the ready to race out the house to the emergency room. Doctor said, “no, not yet.”

Thursday - To the doctor, no matter what the doctor said about waiting it out, this just “ain’t gonna fly.” He’s irritable now, so it’s time to go.

3:00 pm Thursday - We’re at the doctor’s for blood work and x-rays. I didn’t get to go into the x-ray room, had to wait outside the door. Jordyn says she had never seen the contraption they put babies in to do chest x-rays, hopes she never has to see it again. Called it a monstrosity, said it was extremely traumatic – made her want to cry. Made me want to cry when I heard about it on the ride home.

Thursday 4:15 pm We are back home. Munchkin has a virus, which means it can't be treated w meds, so the fever will have to work its way out. We will give Tylenol/Baby Advil to give him comfort while we wait it out. Not happy but it could be worse! Thank God!

Friday – He’s better but today was rough because he’s in some weird mood with the virus passing through. Then there was diarrhea. Did anybody sleep? No. And, we are exhausted! Hanging by a thread – faith that “this too shall pass away.”

Saturday - He’s himself today. All busy-ness! So glad, thank God for healing blessings!


  1. having sick kids is not fun...hopefully it's all over soon.

  2. ooooh what a cutie, glad he is over the hump. Its bad for the kids but worst for the parents/grand parents.

    Get some rest eh, won't want gma getting sick now too.

    Stay belssed.

  3. My daughter went through that just a couple of months ago and I know she and her husband were terrified. They put KC in a shower, but it was too cool and she screamed. Finally were able to do a tepid bath and cool cloths. I think KC had a 105. It's just the scariest thing. Baby Tylenol was all they could do too.

    I can't believe your little munchkin is already running! What a cutie!

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  5. Poor munchkin!!!!!!! Hopefully, he'll be better soon!!!!

  6. He is adorable .I wish by the time i post this comment he is fit and fine.Holding good thoughts for you and your Leona.
    And A Happy Independence Day .

  7. Ah, bless. It's sad to see little kiddies sick when they're usually so full of energy. So glad to hear that he is himself again! * hugs* ;-)


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