Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Do You Go Back?

Do you have a favorite website or blog that you visit often? Is there a blog or some websites that you visit over and over? Whether it is a blog or website about crafts, writing, healthy eating, or how-to-do something, it doesn't matter.

What is it about that site that makes you go back? Is it the graphics? Is it interactive somehow? Do they frequently update something special that interests you? If so, what is it?

Why do you re-visit blogs and/or websites?


  1. because they comment on my blog and I enjoy reading their entrys.

  2. If I try to visit everyone who comments on my blog regularly but with 100 blog to read, it's difficult.

    I revisit websites that are of interest to me tha have useful information or help with tthings I'm working on.

  3. I try to visit a few agents' blogs that I find informative, and other writers who comment on my blog. It's hard to keep up. I have my days.


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