Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoons

Today the weather was gorgeous again, sun shining but not too hot; gentle breezes whispering through tree branches, birds landing singing then taking flight again. It all reminds me how much I love quiet Sunday afternoons.

Sunday afternoons were made for doing as much nothing as you can possibly get away with. Since I couldn’t very well fritter away the whole day I decided to cook, enough to have leftovers for a couple of days.

My first thought was to throw some steaks in the oven, make rice and gravy, something green and, cornbread. Things quickly changed once I started digging out fixings from cabinets, fridge and, freezer.

I ended up throwing the steaks in the oven making cornbread, dry black-eyed peas, rice, carrots and, candied yams. Oops! Two orange-ish/yellowish veggies and nothing green. Oh well. Guess that won’t hurt this one time.

Cooking took longer than I wanted it to but, it’s done and I have a nice stash of leftovers. I won’t have to cook for many many days now. That’s a good thing. I hate cooking.

Dinner’s done and I’m finished, now to relax and get ready for the new week ahead.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and interesting? Care to share?

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  1. Gosh.... nothing much on this end. A birthday visit to an uncle and aunt, a pot luck party at a friend's house. Cooked lots of boiled peanuts for the relatives and a giant salad. Sounds to me like you got a whole lot more accomplished because I hate to cook, too.

  2. seems we all hate to cook. I made tacos and no leftovers unfortunately-went to church then a quiet day at home-Sat out to lunch.

  3. I haven't been cooking much. I had neck fusion surgery in Feb. The hubby has been doing it all. I'm still in the bed.

    That steak, rice, gravy, something green, and cornbread sounds wonderful to me. :-)

    Have a lovely week. How's that grand baby? He's so adorable.

  4. Mmmm. That all sounds so good. I wish I could try it. I especially love cornbread muffins on Sunday. That was a ritual for some time at my house. I don't know what happened to the ritual. Maybe I need to revive it. I did absolutely nothing this last Sunday and it was wonderful.
    Well, I did read a lot because I had some catching up to do. Heaven ! Glad to see you enjoyed your weekend - last week !
    Hugs ! The Castle Lady

  5. Slurp, smack...sure smells good at YOUR house! Making me powerful hungry girl... I have been finishing up yard and patio projects, some Spring cleaning and getting ready for two weekends of family coming to visit. I am so excited! The first of May I am off to CALI for a week and then back in time for more family company...


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