Monday, January 18, 2010

More Adventures of "Bit Mo' and the Man in the Moon"

A while back I told you about Mr. Papa Dellgirl and a project he contemplated finishing. Remember I explained how he verbalized his plans and how convoluted I found his process, how most of the time it seems "He don't bit-mo...know what he's doing...than a man in the moon?

Well, he started. He worked diligently two whole days, then he couldn't hold it inside any longer. I just had to go with him to "WITNESS" his handi-work in person, to see for myself how much progress he'd made. Credit-where-credit-is-due, he had done more in two days than I thought possible. Everything looked beautiful!

He lead I followed, smiling widely so he could see my reactions, as he pointed out each new thing he'd completed. I commented on how nice it all looked and made a big fuss about what a great job he'd done. His smile of contentment grew with each passing nod of approval. Finally, I noticed that old familiar swagger when he knows he's done something to please me and make me smile. He turned to leave the room, I stayed behind to peek into a couple of things he had not included on his tour.

On top of a stack of boxes, I saw the following,

As plain as the nose on your face, it says: "Deep Fryer - UP!" ((Arrow pointing UP for emphasis)).

Meaning?! This side UP!

It hit me again, "He don't bit-mo ... pay attention to stuff ... than a man in the moon!


  1. too funny, our hubby really do need building up just like our little ones used to and probably still do. In fact we all do.

  2. Oh my! That's so funny, Leona!

  3. Funny....enjoyed the post.

    Hi ,i am back from my vacations ...i want to Wish You A Very Happy New Year.

  4. LOL! Tooo funny! I'm so happy I dropped by today to catch this one. LOL!


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