Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Trip Into Outer Space

When I write I am safe; hidden in my own world where I can shake off all my cares. When I write I am who I want to be. I feel powerful, like the wind - bold, intense, frenzied, and unpredictable.

Sometimes when I write, I am not who I am. I am someone else. Many times when I write, I don't know who I am or what I am. When I write, I am in a black hole, oblivious to all else around me, it takes something of serious importance to distract me.

When I write, I am the captain of the spaceship soaring high above the clouds traveling to mysterious and exciting destinations of unknown origin. When I write I feel “free” without boundaries as I let my imagination go to unseen heights uninhibited and free to roam and explore to my heart’s content, until I write it all out.

When I write my words on paper, between the lines, I truly live. I usually like to write in present tense with my thoughts reflecting the here and now. Ironically, when I write tributes to or poems about my daddy, I am always overwhelmed and I cry. “Love you Daddy, rest in peace.” See? Now, I’m crying.

What does writing do for you? Do you ever get carried away and lose all track of time? I do.

© 2009 by Leona G. Shankle


  1. It's funny that I was sort of hitting a wall and suddenly not wanting to write anything. I guess I post in spurts. However, reading your post has inspired me. It reminds me why I do write. You can let yourself go and connect with people and share yourself. Thank you for the motivation.

  2. If I can be uninterrupted, then my writing groove can go fun directions and tie me down for hours.

    Sadly, summer is never 'uninterrupted' time and I usually end up feeling frustrated at my writing AND the kids if I push to get too much done.

    When does school start again - lol!

  3. writing is my free therapy. I always learn something about me each time I write. Now I'm trying to publish my writing to be a help or inspiration to others for them to want to write...

  4. Yeah, my other senses are shut off, like today at work a collegue came in and said good morning and didn't even see or heart her, i was completely shut off in my writing! pretty powerful huh!

  5. I think I'd like to write to the point where I'd get in that zone... I usually sit down, spit somthing out and move on to other things that need to be done.

    Years ago I used to enjoy writing lengthy letters to Kith and Kin... I could get a little lost when I was in the middle of an epistle to someone... but, haven't even done that in a while.

  6. When I write...I don't know for me, I find myself taking my pen as if it were a paintbrush and stroking the page with words that I think are simple in nature and can easily be taken into the senses. Structure (while important at times) is not my main objective when I write. It truly is the one place where freedom and I meet and we walk together and explore nothing's everything. The journey is awesome.



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