Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nothing much . . .

I had said I wouldn't blog today, been really busy getting ready to do income taxes. That's a humongous job around here. Receipts are crammed into places one would never imagine. I DID a pretty fair job this past year of keeping the ones I found in a safe place stapled and paper clipped together in bunches.

This year I'm much farther along than in previous years. I'm making sure we don't have to file for an extension this time (fingers crossed...I hope...if I can learn to "nag") and get "mr. him" to stop procrastinating. I'm going to google 'how to nag'. He's been getting off too easy.

Enough of that. I'll see you all as soon as I can.

Tomorrow is Jordyn's birthday, gotta figure what I can do to surprise her. She's been working some long hard hours since the new year started. That girl is getting old, I don't feel like she should be that old. Most days I don't feel real old until the bones and joints remind me.

I hope you have a nice warm Friday and a relaxing and peaceful week end.


  1. you are starting early with this tax nagging's only jan...but sometimes it does take a while to get your significant other to move.

  2. Oh, you wouldn't believe...boy, the stories I could tell about procrastination...he invented the term, perfected it and got it patented.

  3. I'm doing mine this weekend and e-filing.

    Happy B-Day to Jordyn

    Does 7 degrees Fahrenheit count as warm? LOL

  4. Good for you getting a head start on tax time. I am as a rule an early starter myself. This seems just a wee bit early for even me.
    Bon chance!



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