Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Where In the World Are You?

Houston, Texas

Photo taken before Hurricane Harvey.

Really,where are you? Where in the world are you located? We, your friends, would like to know. Why am I being a nosey-rosey, getting all up in your business, asking you where you live?

After Hurricane Harvey a friend wished me well and sent prayers for me and the family. She also said she had no idea I lived in Houston. That started me thinking, I don’t know where many of my Blog Friends live either. I suppose I could check everyone’s profile page.  So, let’s do this instead.

Leave a comment and let us know where you are. We’d appreciate knowing where our Blog Friends are in the world.

Houston Skyline before Hurricane Harvey.

Me, Dellgirl? I live in Houston, Texas. Where do you live? 


  1. Spartanburg SC, which is 90 minutes to the west of Charlotte and 3 hours to the east of atlanta


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