Sunday, July 9, 2017

Television Commercials – Love Them or Hate Them

I just finished watching the commercial where the singing group Boyz II Men, are singing about the terrible side-effects of a prescription medicine and about GEICO. I LOVE that commercial, the singing gets me every time. Those boys can sing up a storm!

That started me thinking about television commercials that I LOVE and also commercials that I absolutely HATE.  
Some commercials are truly hysterical, they really “crack-me-up”. I laugh, out loud, every time I see or hear them anyway. They are just that funny. Geico’s commercial about, “Words Really CAN Hurt You”, is one. That is a seriously hilarious commercial. 
There are other commercials that I find mildly amusing, they don’t do much of anything for me. Sometimes I sit through the entire commercial. Sometimes I move around doing something else while they are on, not really paying much attention to them.

On the other hand, some commercials absolutely annoy the heck out of me. It starts out as mildly annoying. After hearing the commercial three or more times, it becomes very annoying. I can hardly bear to listen to it anymore.

At some point, I can’t stand the annoyance another second, so I change the channel. Every other time after that, I hit the “Last” button on the remote control the minute the commercial appears on the screen. I hate annoying commercials.

There you have it, my rant about television commercials.

Are there commercials that annoy you? Name one. What do you do when they come on television? Are there commercials that you like or love? Name one. We’d love to hear about it.


  1. we mute al; commercials though some look interesting...

  2. Hey Lin, it's good to see you. Thanks for taking time to read and leave a comment. I appreciate that. I hit the mute button sometimes too, anything to NOT hear the annoying commercial. LOLL

  3. Actually the ones that annoy the heck out of me are produced locally. It's usually a family owned company that uses their kids who look uncomfortable and are not good actors.

    I like commercials that poke fun at themselves.

  4. Very true Leona. Some commercials are very well done and enjoyable watching, but for most part, commercials can be very annoying, especially when they are played repeatedly. When I don't watch a commercial, I'm always doing something else. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed!

  5. Yes. The AARP one with that one woman person dragging out the words and ending the sentences in an upward tone like a question. Oh I can't hit mute fast enough. Her longest was "hotelllllllllllllssssssss" Smash the TV...hurry.


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