Thursday, December 8, 2016

Words CAN Hurt You!

Jessie, the cowboy, gallops down the hill on his horse while his girlfriend, Dixie, runs after him begging him not to go. “Jessie, Jessie, don’t go!” she sobs almost hysterically.

Jessie stops just short of the exit gate, turns to Dixie and states firmly, “I’m a loner and a loner’s gotta be alone.”

Jessie turns his back on Dixie, smacks his horse on the rear, and heads through the gate into the open field headed toward the wild blue yonder.

Straight ahead, the closing credits . . .”THE END” . . . pop up on the screen . . . just as Jessie reaches that point.

Jessie rides smack-dab into the writing on the screen, he slams into the “E” and is knocked off his horse. Whaaack-Bammmmm!

See, I told you. Words really CAN hurt you!



  1. well I didn't see that one!

  2. I saw this! It took me a moment to get what was happening. Too hilarious!


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