Saturday, June 24, 2017

Invasion of Privacy

 Oh Boy, not again! Here comes ~dellgirl~ with her little red camera. She’s ready to start following me around, taking pictures of my every move. She already got one photo of me sitting on the fence down the way. I hoped that would satisfy her and she would go bother somebody else.

But, NO! Here she comes again.

The squirrels don’t mind her taking their pictures, they’re too busy jumping and playing around to notice her or to even care. Larry the lizard lets her shoot him without running away sometimes. Why doesn’t she go find them and leave me alone!

I have moved further along on the fence trying to hide behind the tree. And, there she is, snapping away again. I even flew into the branches of this tree thinking I would hide from ~dellgirl~ and her camera. 

It’s not working, there she is again. Every time I move, she moves.

Okay, now this is better. I know she can’t see me off in here. I am pretty well hidden.

Can you see me? Do you think ~dellgirl~ can see me? What are your thoughts on this constant invasion of my privacy?


  1. This cute little Blue Jay is right, I couldn't resist. I followed him all over the place. I didn't stop snap, snap, snapping until he decided he'd had enough and flew away.

  2. Nature is to be enjoyed...he's in your yard! lol...

  3. I rarely have colorful birds come to my yard. Cardinal every now and then is about it

  4. LOL sweet post Leona! :) I think your cute little blue visitor is a big show-off. Next time he visits, be sure to tell him I said that :) Have a blessed Sunday my friend and enjoy the summer!

  5. Oh gosh! You got pretty close! I haven't seen a blue jay in such a long time. They are very aggressive birds.

  6. Blessings
    Well two can play at that game since you're on her fence!

  7. What a beautiful picture. Bluejays have not yet visited us this year.

  8. Handsome birdies and kitties and doggies are always having their privacy invaded, Mr. Jay.


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