Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Photo by dellgirl 
My birthday gift from Grandson & his mommy.

My birthday was Thursday, October 13. Late Wednesday evening after grandson had gone home, I formulated a plan for the night and for the day of my birthday. This is what I thought… I'll make myself a nice plate of something good to eat, get a nice cold drink of lemonade, and prop up on my bed and chill. Then, I planned to rest and relax as much as possible on Thursday.

That did not happen! Papa ~dellgirl~ came in about 7 PM. Around 8 o’clock he started to cook. Everything was ready for us to devour about 9:45 PM. He had made his famous fried catfish, his "to-die-for" mega green salad, guacamole and chips, and hot buttered rice. What a prelude to my birthday! 

Thursday morning was routine. Grandson’s mommy, my daughter Jordyn, answered my good morning text with the sweetest happy birthday wish. It brought a big grin to my face. Next, my baby son answered my good morning text with his usual, "hey ma". He didn’t mention my birthday.  So, I figured he was up to something.

Oh well, life goes on.  I picked up grandson after school. We stopped by Sonic for his favorite small green apple slush. Then we headed home. When I turned the corner to pull into the driveway baby son’s truck was parked in the driveway. Needless to say, I started grinning from ear to ear, like a kid on Christmas morning. I knew he was up to something, this is a surprise visit. Happy, happy, happy!
Photo by dellgirl
Birthday gift from baby son.

He greeted me, laughing like he’d won the lottery. He held an individual size chocolate cake that he had decorated himself. Party time!!! He lit the candles and we sang happy birthday to me. Grandson stole the show with his antics, as usual. He had a birthday present for me and proceeded to have a conniption fit unless we stopped everything and let him present it to me. 

Papa ~dellgirl~ came in just as grandson was explaining every component of his present to me. We all had a good laugh as he demonstrated how I should eat the edible part of his present. He showed me how I should open his birthday card and how to read it. What a fun time!
Photo by dellgirl

This turned out to be the best birthday I ever remember. Happy Birthday to me! 


Anthony Godinho said...

Awesome...wonderful to know that you had a one of a kind birthday surrounded by loved ones. Belated Happy Birthday to you Leona and wish you all the best for the year ahead. Much happiness, love, success and good health. Stay blessed always! :)

Rhapsody said...

Happy Happy.
I left you a happy birthday and a gift on twitter.
Ah the purity of love from children....a blessing.

dellgirl said...

Thank you so much AJ, I appreciate the warm good wishes. I'm glad you took the time to stop by. Thanks for leaving this nice comment.

dellgirl said...

Heeeey Rhapsody, it's so good to see your smiling face. Thanks for visiting and reading. And, thanks especially for the heartwarming comment.

Lin Floyd said...

happy birthday to a very busy mother, wife and grandmother!

dellgirl said...

Thank you so much, Lin. I appreciate that a lot. I'm glad you could come by to read this, love the nice comment.

Kay said...

Oh darn! I'm really, really sorry I missed your birthday. I'm so glad it was so wonderful! I'm wishing you another happy year, Leona!

Katie Isabella said...

MY friend, I wish I had seen this sooner. Happy belated birthday. I will say that you and I (and most moms I feel sure) share that all consuming love for family. Your birthday gifts from Jordyn and Baby Son and Grandson were perfection and I am happy to have read what your day was like. xo