Friday, July 8, 2016

HOT in Texas

The past several days have been absolute scorchers, hot as all “git-out” here in my little corner of Texas. Air conditioners have been going full blast all this time, even at night. It’s so HOT even my sweat gets sweaty. And, this is only the first full week of July. We still have August to contend with.

I noticed a few times that certain areas in the playroom were not cool at all, never mind that the A/C AND the High Velocity Blower fan were going full blast.

Grandson didn’t seem to mind, he was busy doing his usual, running around shirtless wearing nothing but his undershorts. I suggested that he put on short pants in case anyone other than family came by.

He respectfully declined since he likes running around wearing nothing but his undershorts, always has. A few minutes later, I coaxed him into a pair of short pants.  

Okay, it got so warm in the room I dropped the A/C temperature a couple of degrees. I could hardly believe that we are only into the early weeks of July. Guess we’d better be prepared for what’s coming next, weather-wise.

All this steaming HOT weather has me thinking of a nice beach vacation. Maybe a trip to an exotic tropical island would cool me off. Oh well, enough wishful thinking.

Speaking of HOT weather, what’s your weather like? Is it hot? Warm? Cold? What? Are you running your air conditioner or your heater? I’m in Texas. Where are you located?

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  1. It's 104 degrees here but no humidity so it's bearable. we love our AC!

  2. Blessings....
    Its been hot here to, currently its raining.
    the past few nights i have slept with a towel under me so i can get through the night as it absorbs my sweat.

    stay cool
    drinks lots of water

  3. I have to admit it's pretty darn comfortable over here in Hawaii although my son-in-law does use the air conditioning occasionally and the ceiling fan. Still, the temps here have been in the comfortable 70 and 80s. I'm thinking it'll be a different story when we go to Chicago. August was always hot and sticky in Chicago.

  4. Wow, Lin. 104 degrees is no laughing matter. Even with no humidity I think I would be a miserable mess. Glad you let us know what it's like where you are.

  5. Hey Rhapsody. I hear you about putting a towel under you to absorb the sweat. That's a good idea. I find myself having to change sleeping clothes during the night sometimes because of sweating so much. I might have to try the towel trick.

  6. Lucky you, Kay. 70 degrees sounds heavenly, Makes me want to come over and move in with you for a while. LOLL Thank you for coming by to read and for leaving this nice comment.


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