Monday, May 30, 2016

Duplicate Content: What’s The Deal?

I wrote it, it is mine. Why can’t I post it in more than one place if I want to? Who cares about “Duplicate Content”? I don’t really care much about the duplicate content thing. I think. . .

If I were making big money, I might care. Or if I were losing money right and left, I would definitely care. But, I am just a tiny gold fish in the giant ocean of big fishes, (yea, fishes), I make about $3.50 a year here on the web. So I don’t put much stock in the “duplicate Content” thing.

So what’s the deal here? The deal here is this, I have some content published in other places and I want to re-publish it yet again, somewhere else.

I know Google cares about duplicate content. They have their reasons.  Membership sites that profit from our content care about “Duplicate Content”.  I understand their positions also. And, many other kinds of sites discourage “Duplicate Content”. What is the deal here?

What are your thoughts on duplicate content? Do you know how duplicate content works? Do you care about the “Duplicate Contend” thing? Does it affect how you work on the web? 


  1. I am appalled really. I knew of no such thing and I still don;t understand. I know the words and their meaning but not in this context. I wish I did. Totally don;t understand and who id saying that to you. WordPress? Google? And why does it matter if as you said, it's yours to begin with. xox

  2. Gosh! I have no idea. I haven't seen this before. I back up all my posts on Wordpress.

  3. Blessings....
    You do you even if its in duplicates......
    I'll come around again, who knows a second look might shed light on something i missed the first time around.

    stay blessed.

  4. That's certainly a strange one, who'd have thought. Warm greetings!

  5. I've had people copy my blog posts, which isn't cool, but the author should be able to duplicate it wherever she wants.

  6. I haven't had a chance to look into this duplicate content topic in the while now. I know that Google looks at it differently compared to how they did about it, in the past. I think their algorithms have changed a lot.

    Nowadays with social media sharing, duplicate content is everywhere and I don't bother about it much. Also, over the past couple of years I've been focusing on creating videos and building my YouTube channel, which has been a much more fulfilling endeavour. Though I must admit that I do miss the Squidoo days :)

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend Leona and here's wishing you blessed week ahead!


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