Monday, January 19, 2015

True Confessions

I made a posting schedule of what to write about on what days, when to write on which blog or what website, and how often I would write on each. I put it away to think it over more thoroughly.

After careful consideration, I decided to continue doing what I'm doing the same way I'm doing it. That is, I guess I will keep on flitting around in cyberspace like a spaced-out butterfly until I figure out how to make this work for me.

I'm glad I didn't jump up on my mighty "high-horse" and publish the schedule for the whole wide world to see. Now, I don't have to stress if I don't stick to it.

So much for confessions.

How is your New Year going so far? Did you make New Year's resolutions? What do you think about making resolutions?

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  1. Blessings...
    You do what you do how you do it because it suits and pleases you. Go ahead and simply do you.


  2. Less stress is better. However, I like having a bit of a schedule because it keeps me organized.

    As for resolutions... sigh...

  3. I gave up on resolutions-just trying to do better each day...

  4. I find it 'pressure' to do a resolution. I am just trying to keep on 'keeping on'! I am hoping that this year will be me!!


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