Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1st Day of School - 2014

Grandson Goes to PreSchool

My gandson started school for the first time on Monday. Pre-K 4 to be exact. The day began with him bouncing excitedly into my room around 6:15 am. All the while he chants, “Wake up, MiMi. Time to wake up, MiMi!”

I opened my eyes to that big bright smile of his and his usual cheerful greeting, “Good morning MiMi. You wake up, MiMi.”  With as much enthusiasm as I could muster at that hour of the morning, I replied. “Good morning, Jace. How are you? Yes, MiMi woke up.”

We spend the next few minutes talking about Angry Birds, teleporting Angry Birds, and other Angry Bird related things. I tried to interject thoughts and questions about school into the conversation, he answered quickly and returned to his conversation about things he wanted to talk about.

I helped him with his breakfast and getting dressed for school. His mommy finished last minute details like packing his lunch, his snack, and his backpack.

Jace is ready, chatting a mile-a-minute. Soon his mommy is ready to go. Mommy grabs her purse and Jace grabs his Angry Birds Red Bird backpack. They head out the door for the car.

Jace is going to Pre-School. My baby is going to SCHOOL!!!

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  1. It happens fast, my oldest grand daughters-twins are juniors in HS!

  2. blessings...
    my how he has grown. I especially love the first picture to the left, you get a real sense of his personality and the handsome man he will grow up to be.

    How you doing? I trust all is well with you and the

  3. Are you kidding? He's going to school already? I remember when he was just born. He just gets cuter and cuter and cuter all the time.

    I wish I could have had him in my class.

  4. Hey Leona! I have missed you. I saw your visits come into my inbox, but I couldn't answer. I had an accident and blew out five discs. So I've been in bed a while. I'm getting back into blogging though. I cannot believe that sweet little Jace is in school. EGAD! Time stands still. He's so handsome. :-) So good to see you!

  5. How exciting. I've been seeing pre-k and kindergarten pictures lately. It's a big step in a child's life.

  6. This is not uncommon with kids. Even when I admitted my daughter to Phoenix preschool, she used to cry after half day. So, authority helped me by cutting down her schedule by 2 hours.

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