Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ventilating: Not Feeling Motivated Today

There’s so much going on at one time, so much to prepare for, too many things to do that most of the time I hardly know what day it is. Several days I have gone the entire day thinking it was one day when it was actually another day completely. (((Siiiiiigh)))

Mama was here for the weekend to give my brother and sister-in-law a much needed break. Everything went rather smoothly while she was here, but it was still very exhausting. Preparing and administering medications along with making special diet meals and getting it done in a timely manner are more demanding than I ever imagined. It takes a lot of mental concentration and focus.

Jace’s mommy took Mama back to my brother’s late Monday evening so she could be there for her physical therapy appointment early Tuesday morning. I spent yesterday (Tuesday) trying to re-group from the weekend of care giving duties.

With that said, I woke up this morning feeling just so-so, not great but not bad either. As the morning progressed I began thinking of all the things I NEED to do, that didn’t make for happy feelings. I trudged through the list of things to do that were really necessary, and finally reached a point where I could pop open my laptop. I need to update my blog, check my emails, post some photos to Zazzle, and a few other things.

The problem with that is I am not feeling motivated, not motivated at all. I am not feeling motivated to write, not motivated to think, not motivated to - -  to - - to anything. I definitely am not feeling motivated to think of something positive and uplifting to write about. I am just not feeling it.

That was earlier today, so I thought I would put that in writing to see if ventilating about it helps at all. 

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  1. ventilating about our feelings gets them out in the open where we can deal with them or change them...


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