Friday, March 7, 2014

Thank God It’s Friday!

Another week flew in with its never-ending “to-do” lists. Bill paying was the BIGGIE this week, I got it done though. Now the week is gone already. Well, thank God, it's FRIDAY and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

I intend to partake of a whole lot of quiet time doing a great deal of nothing laced with a touch of self-pampering. Nails need to be re-painted. Last week’s polish was pretty but not my favorite color. So, I’m going to change colors tonight.

What about you, what fun things do you have planned for the weekend? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anybody heard any funny jokes lately? I need a good laugh!   

May tomorrow bring happiness beyond belief, joy beyond comparison, and peace to sooth your soul.

Wishing you a blessed and serene weekend!

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  1. UGH, paying bills is one of my least favorite things, Leona! Ha. I'm going to write as much as possible. I also have to go to the grocery store. My other least favorite thing. I wouldn't mind if I had a ton of money. :-) I hope you put the prettiest color you can find on your nails. Kiss that grandbaby for me.

  2. Robyn, thank you so much for stopping by and for commenting. Grocery shopping is right up at the top of my least favorite things list too.

  3. I've got a crazy schedule for the next month, Leona. Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. hubby did our taxes and that's always a relief. Went out to dinner with Caryn and hubby then played dominoes till 11!

  5. Lovely picture. I love the weekend, but I'm usually so busy catching up on everything.

  6. Blessings....
    Thank God for everyday
    in life there is always TO DOs
    just let go and be....
    the TO DOs will wait patiently.

    much love
    great week ahead.


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