Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans!

Veterans Day holds a unique significance for me. Why? Veterans Day is extra special to me because many of the men in my family served in different branches of the military at one time or another.

My dad served in the Army as an MP during World War II. My oldest brother served in the Army during the Vietnam war. My second brother was in the Navy, he served 20+ years and just recently retired. Several uncles served in the Army, some for 20+ years during both World War II and the Vietnam war.

With such a rich legacy of servicemen in the family, I feel proud that they all were willing to make the sacrifice to serve our country. Thank God for Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day To all Veterans!

We appreciate your selflessness and love for our country. 

We are grateful that you willingly offered your life to defend our freedom.

Thank you! 


  1. I agree-it was an honor to serve for these men...

  2. Hi Leona,

    My father was in the USAFFE in WWII.

  3. Hi, Lin. Thanks for stopping by and for taking time to comment. It's always good to see your smiling face.

  4. Mary, I'm glad to see you here again. I appreciate your visits and your comments.

    Going to Google USAFFE, I have not heard of that one before. Thank you for everything.

  5. I agree completely! I have many relatives who served in several terrible wars. We owe so much to all these brave people.

  6. Blessings...
    To all the forgotten ones who were never acknowledged, who bled and died and suffered.

    thank you. I am here because you were there.

    may your souls rest in peace.


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