Thursday, August 16, 2012

Transform Your Ordinary Into Phenomenal

Girlfriends & Goodies Dessert Table For Two 
Photo © 2012 by It's So Pastiche!
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Feeling a bit drained?  Has the heat gotten to you? Does the hustle and bustle of daily routines have you running on fumes? Are you sick-and-tired of being  sick-and-tired?  Have I got a treat for you!

Jordyn, over at It's So Pastiche! transforms an ordinary day or situation into the phenomenal. Whether it’s a birthday or simply lunch or dinner with a friend, you’ll be amazed at beauty and creativity Jordyn adds your event. An occasion designed, planned, and executed by It’s So Pastiche! will change the way you think about so-called ordinary gatherings from now on.

For an event that will have you smiling for days and memories you’ll cherish a lifetime, contact Jordyn@ It’s So Pastiche!. You’ll be glad you did.


Katie Isabella said...

OH how NICE!!! I am so glad she is in business and I will go see what her site looks like.

Thank you so much for coming to see me about my Admiral, aka Miss Catt. :-) I was comforted by your words and they were very loving. A balm. I mean that.


Kay said...

This sounds fabulous! It's always terrific to make a day even more special.

Petula Wright said...

That sure is a beautiful table! I would love to have her plan something for me and wish she was nearby and I could have used her for Amber's shower. :-)

Robyn Campbell said...

She must be wonderful if you love her. And what a beautiful table! She's definitely got THE gift for this. I'll give her site a visit, Leona. *waving*

Lin Floyd said...

hi, glad she found such a fun business...good luck!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings and congrats to Jordyn on her business venture.

take it easy and stay blessed.