Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tip For a Successful Doctor's Visit

We took grandson for his 2 year old check-up the last week of April. I went along in case they had to do blood work, Jace absolutely hates that. It takes all the hands we can get to hold him for that procedure.

Grandson is not your average “go-sit-down-play-a-game-read-a-book” kid. He’s a constantly moving busy busy busy non-stop blurrr of motion. He preferred to walk down the corridor instead of sitting quietly, so I volunteered to walk with him while Jordyn got them all signed in. Maybe I should say, I volunteered to walk behind him (he’s just that fast) as he trotted along at his usual fast-paced speed.

By the time we reached the exit doors at the other end of the corridor, yes…waaaaaaaaay down there, I (MiMi) needed a rest. It took some doing but, I finally coaxed him back to our seats. There sat Jordyn, smiling knowingly at the sight of me huffing and puffing along behind an energetic unfrazzled, grandson.

He didn’t want to sit with her or with me, nor did he want to sit still in the toddler chair. Jordyn offered him a toy from his carry-bag but, that didn’t accomplish what she had in mind. She reached in their bag again and asked, “grandson, do you want to eat corn?”

Without further adieu, grandson marched over to the toddler chair and sat down as cool as a cucumber. He started to munch on his corn-on-the-cob with a “died-and-went-to-heaven look on his face.  

“Well, I’ll be John Brown! Who knew corn-on-the-cob would be a welcomed sight in the waiting room at the doctor’s office!?” Very productive!


  1. better carry lots of corn on the cob with you...grandma!

  2. ROFL! Corn on the cob? I would have never guessed. Wow, the things we have to do nowadays to keep these busy little people occupied. I just threaten mine (LOL!), but I'm sure I'll have a different tune to my granddaughter. (Wow! That's the first time I've said that: Granddaughter!)

  3. Blessings....
    Its as they say, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." I guess he is proving the old theory true.

  4. I smiled at Rhapsody B's comment. Aen!

    Thank you so much for coming to see me and Admiral. She's one of the Official Hostesses at the Rainbow Bridge and she checks on Katie Isabella that she helped me find to fill her absence here at home.

    Jace...you have those ladies hopping! You da man! xoxoxox to you and MiMi!

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  6. Corn on the cob? How funny! My granddaughter does not like veggies, but she does like corn on the cob too. We've never tried that at the doctor's office though. Maybe it would help.


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