Thursday, December 29, 2011

Encouraging Creativity

Jace's Introduction-2-Art-Jun-1-2011

Who encourages creativity in children? As grandparents, we can encourage a child’s creativity if we value creativity. All children are born with creative potential but, it has to be nurtured. They need to be encouraged as they play and explore their world. This is how they develop the confidence to attempt new and creative projects.

Children should not be discouraged and critiqued all the time. Constant supervision squashes a child’s imagination, spontaneity and self-confidence. So, let them explore and play freely, you’ll be amazed at how creative they’ll become.


We should encourage creativity in children because a creative mind is a happy mind. Later, creativity is useful in leaders, business, and in many other professions.


How can we encourage creativity? As grandparents, we must introduce children to things that spark imagination. The number one and best way to encourage creativity is to keep materials on hand and within the child’s reach, that they can experiment with.

Crayons, markers, drawing pads, and boxes of all sizes and shapes are good starters for children of all ages. Give a child a box and some crayons, you’ll be amazed at what they produce.

Give a child access to crayons and your clothes dryer becomes a "work of art"!

Jace the "Artist-at-Work"-Dec-23-2011

What is your favorite way to encourage creativity in children?


  1. interesting but you do need to watch what materials you offer to the child to paint or create!

  2. Aha! Jace is a future muralist! You are a wonderful grandmother, fostering creativity in your lucky grandson.

  3. Great post! I think it's so important. I love watching my children blossom in their creative endeavors. Hope you have a happy new year, Dellgirl!

  4. Legos! I remember my son creating all kinds of things after about age 3..I'm with you on encouraging the creative side. Often by asking the child..."What do you think about that?" You'd be surprised at the answers .

  5. You are so very inspiring, Leona! I am glad to see you lend a helping hand to insure your sweet grandson is the next Michelangelo.

    Crayons have always been worth their weight in gold to me.

    Happy New Year! Bring on 2012!!!!!!!!! *waving and smiling*

  6. This is just what children need..I tried so hard in my classroom (special education) to try to encourage creativity, but there was also much that needed to be done brought back a favorite memory of mine of my daughter making little things to "sell" in her little stall. I still have the pad she used to write her inventory..I have to go find it..Michelle

  7. The picture of your hand with your grandson's hand is precious! Glad you copyrighted it!

  8. I cringed when I saw the crayon marks on the floor and dryer! LOL... I have tons of crayons, markers, paper, etc. for my little artists. They love to draw, but if I see crayon anywhere but on paper I am not happy. I roll my eyes every time I see the black market on Anna's pillow because I always tell them no coloring or writing in bed!


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