Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Road Trip: Going to See Great Granny!

Photo © 2011 by dellgirl

Saturday Jordyn and I took Jace on a road trip to Jasper to see his two great-grandmothers, it's been a while since we did that. He doesn't do well being restrained in the baby carseat for long periods of time so, we prayed and hit the highway.

An hour into the trip we started to wonder how much longer he would hold out before getting restless. So far so good, he's content. Thirty minutes later he grunted, Jordyn and I agreed, it's time for a break -- before he gets too upset and cranky.

We found a great spot with a picnic table on a little hill right by the side of the road. Jace had a ball running through the pine cones and pine needles while Jordyn prepared his lunch. He didn't want to stop playing to eat but, after some coaxing he did.

We let him run around a while longer before loading back into the car. The next leg of the trip was uneventful, Jordyn drove at a nice steady pace and I snap snap snapped pictures through the front windshield and the window on my side of the car.

Mama had no idea we were coming until we were well on our way. Needless to say, she was waiting anxiously as we pulled into her driveway. All smiles and grins from ear-to-ear we exited the car and started inside. Didn't quite make it though...

Mama blocked the front door grabbing and hugging each of us then all of us at once. Inside we hug some more and get started with all the catching up we needed to do. We talk on the phone at lease once a week but still, face-to-face is a whole lot different from phone calls.

Jace stole the show with all the new things he's doing that Great-Granny had only heard about. Now she sees for herself and savors every single minute! Same thing with Great-Granny #2 when they saw her later.

He had a hard time getting to sleep for the night being in a different environment. Trooper that he is though, he finally did settle down and close his courious eyes.

Sunday morning was much the same, all good. Back home in Houston before dark with just enough time to unwind before bedtime.

We end the day with smiles and yawns and more yawns then ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz good night!


  1. I can't believe how big Jace is! How did he get so big so fast? I can remember when he was born. He gets cuter and cuter every time I see him.

  2. he is growing fast-they change so much at this age.

  3. blessings my dear friend....
    man is he growing like a weed. My godson is about the same age and what a delight especially now that he is "acquiring more words, recently his father was trying to get him to talk but he wouldn't. So the father started saying "oh men, oh men, oh men." he looked at the father and said, "STOP IT!" Which is what i tell him when he is becoming overbearing. Needless to say the mother and father were in gails of laughter and shock, that not only did he know the words but the correct context to use it in.

    Enjoy him eh because before too long he is off with his friends and have little time to tolerate grown ups. hehe.

  4. What a joyous reunion for all!! Congrats! So glad you got to have such fun and sharing time with your family.


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