Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Smiling While Driving!

Uncle Mike bought Jace a nice red car, just because. He shows Jace all the cool features like the sippy cup holder, the seatbelt, and how the steering wheel works. Jace looks on intently, taking it all in.

His face lights up like a Christmas tree when Mike buckles him in and wheels him around the room a time or two. He's all grins and chuckles!

Outside, Jace takes the steering wheel and they head off into the wild blue yonder for a test drive. We (the grown-ups) grin and chuckle while Jace has turned serious, not a smile in sight.

He's busy concentrating on "driving his new car."


  1. how fun, glad there's a grownup steering it.

  2. blessings sis.

    wonderful how they grow eh, my godson spent the night with me,this morning we wash our face, i gave him his bath, cream him up change his clothes. He then work my daughter and we went upstairs and had breakfast of fruit, hot cocoa, toast and eggs. At one my daughter took him home and when he realized that he was going hom he tried to push her back, he did not want to go home. once there he cried and cried, my daughter stayed with him until it subsided.

    have a great week.,

  3. Leona, he looked like he was having the time of his life. (Glad it'll be a while before he's driving himself.) Have a happy week. :-)

  4. Looks like a fun driver. Thank you for stopping by my blog from time to time. I do appreciate your comments and observations.

  5. It even has a sippy cup holder? OMG!! He is growing up so fast! Cute, too.

  6. Oh to be a kid again! He's going to have so much fun on that. What a doll!

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  8. Every child should have an Uncle Mike.


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