Friday, July 22, 2011


Don’t you just love Fridays! I LOVE Fridays! What’s not to love? The work week is over, it's the end of the hustle and bustle for a day or two, love ones have time off and we get to do fun and interesting things on the weekend.

Sometimes we just relax. Other times we work on the garden or go shopping for plants and things for the yard. That’s a barrel of fun and it gets me out of the house moving these old bones in a different kind of way.

Depending on the availability of already prepared food in the kitchen, I might cook up something delicious. That takes more than a notion but, when I do it I get to eat without having to dig out and sort through leftovers.

We might simply listen to favorite music and chat or watch a good movie – and chat. It's all great fun! But weekends are way too short. If they (weekends) were longer would I be satisfied, probably not.

Better yet, we might just spend the time teaching Baby Jace how to play with his toys. Or maybe we’ll watch as he shows us how he thinks they should be used. We’ll see!

Do you love Fridays? What do you love about Fridays? What fun things are you planning for the weekend?

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Blessings.....
    Thanks for the support....

    Fridays is the promise of days to sleep in, time away from the rat race, quality time with the family, time to pamper self.

    Take care of you and yours...
    stay blessed.

  2. it's difficult when retired to remember which day of the week it is, so weekends are like other days to me except sundays when i go to church. we are in seattle wash. visiting family right now.

  3. Now that I'm retired, Fridays are actually like any other day except that's the day we usually have a Farmers Market down the street that we love. On the other hand, my brother will be off of work so we'll be able to see him. That's one thing we look forward to.

  4. that picture is adorable. they grow too fast...

    I do love Fridays because it is date night! I love the family time of Sat and Sunday but also look forward to some one on one time with my sweetie of 20 years on Friday evenings.

  5. Glad you and Jace are having a fun day!!!

  6. I can see what a joy Jace is to you. How awesome! My weekends are not like yours as I am on my own caring for Flo. Thanks for stopping by. It makes me smile to see cyber friends checking in.

  7. I used to love Fridays until the job I have now goes from Tuesday to Saturday. Now I love Mondays! :D Happy weekend!


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