Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Aquarium

Compliments of baby son, Mike.
I have no words today, I am all worded out
nothing to share, too tired to research
no cute quotes,
After I cook, I'll sit
stare at my aquarium
admire the beautiful tropical fish
let them lull me as I rest,
relax and rejuvenate.
I need restoration
this is it!


Lin said...

we all have days like that, after we've been productive or before...

Bella Foxx said...

Hi, thanks for coming by my blog and the lovely complement you left. In the collage, the bright color in the center is the new tee-shirt I got at the street fair.

mom/caryn said...

Well... even God rested from his labors. I'm thinking that's one of the most important (not to mention enjoyable) aspects of living.

I've only been the proud owner of an aquairum for a short period.of time, and that was years ago... but, I remember how mesmerizing it was to watch the fluid movements of the fish glide through the wispy, green fronds. It had an almost hypnotic effect.

I'll raise my glass to your soaking up your rejuvenation time, and returning to us full of the zest for life that is naturally yours.

And... thank you for your very kind and motivational words on my last post, Leona. They are treasured!!

B.J. Anderson said...

It's so very very important to take a break! Good luck with it@!

Tess said...

I love vegging in front of an aquarium. I think it's genetic because my kids get sucked into that aisle at Wal Mart and I can't get them out :D

Kay said...

What a sweetheart Mike is! I love the aquarium. It's beautiful and peaceful.

Petula said...

Restoration is good. Always. :)

Aretha Forrest said...

i am ok thanks for asking, my weekend has gone by really quickly. i went ice skating yesterday and to the kingdom hall today. how about yours? i like ur latest post! xx

Mare said...

Amen, sister!! I feel like that and sometimes don't post for a couple of days. Relax. Breathe. Laugh!