Thursday, June 4, 2009

Writing Tips

Sometimes, as writers, we cannot control what happens to our words and the ideas that they represent. Yet, we put a tremendous amount of effort into creating books, essays, articles, web pages, poetry, plays, screen plays, and other works so that we and others can learn from them. We have access to books and websites full of writing tips that provide useful ideas, inspiration, and guidelines to help us be better at our craft.

Many of us traditionally get stuck in a couple places in our writing: in the beginning when we are trying to discover or develop our lead, in the end when we are searching for just the right conclusion and at transition points throughout the article when we are tasked with introducing a new idea.

Writing Tips:

1) Put off editing.

2) Use a structure. For some writers, having a structure in place first makes the writing easier.



  1. Thank you for the tips, Leona. I will store it in my brainbox. I've never tried to write anything too long yet but I'll remember this.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I struggle with these all the time, but thankfully I am getting better.

  3. good tips also check out clustering when you get stuck, I explain this on my blog...

  4. These are good, and funny that I write with my eyes closed or looking out the window as I type and it stimulates thought. Real good emotional thought.

  5. Great tips, i learnt a lot after writing my first novel, i realised just how disciplined i have to be and how focused i have to remain from start to finish, my biggest challenge however was the end, but after blood sweat and tears i got there in the end!

    can't wait to get up to date with your posts

  6. Hey thanks for following my blog.
    I came up with the hypochondriac thing because a co-worker is a hypochondriac and it’s almost as if he’s always reaching out, things like that always gets me thinking.
    Thanks for the comment!

  7. Great tips and worthy of talking about, that's for sure. I stayed away from the entire middle of my novel for about four months. Now as I am finishing up the rewrites, I see what a mess I wrote and I am cleaning it up, and having fun doing it. :)

  8. Fine tips here. I don't know about writing with my eyes closed, :-)although I do tend to close my eyes naturally when I'm searching for that right word - perfect phrase.

    Thanks for following me. Hope you get loads of good tips from that mag.



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