Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You Kay

A Tribute & Thank You, Kay

I started blogging a year ago and didn't know the first about it. I simply googled "how-to-make-a-blog", filled in the required information, then I stared curiously at the blank page. What do I do? Oh dear, dear...what? What? Needless to say, it was back to the research drawing board.

After a frustrating start I complained in a post that blogging wasn't going well and I should just quit. My main problem was that I expected twenty comments...on every post I published. Hahaa! Expecting that post to be my last, I resigned myself to the fact that blogging was not for me.

When I returned to delete the blog, I found the biggest surprise. I had a comment. My very first commenter, Kay, left the nicest most heart-warming note. She said that it takes time (I had only been at it a few weeks) and that I should stay with it. She laughingly explained that in the beginning she approached her blogging as "journaling in cyberspace". If nobody read it or commented on it, okay, she blogged for herself.

Oh! Sure! I can do that. That was the beginning of my process of blogging with the knowledge that I was doing it because I want to write...that's it. Kay has been a loyal visitor to and commenter on my blog all this time.

Thank you, Kay. I appreciate your friendship more than I can express.


  1. That is exactly how I began, and Kay found me, too. God bless her!

  2. and Kay found me too-she's blessed the lives of many.

  3. Kay is an absolute doll!!!! I think we all start out slow and build.

    The first month I blogged I had one comment -- from the friend who encouraged me to blog. A month later Ronni Bemnett made me an Elderblogger.

    The biggest thing I learned is that to get comments, one needs to leave them. So I started visiting a lot. It takes time. Now I can hardly keep up with my list because it's so long. And I still don't have all of the blogs I like to read on my list. At last count it was over 100!!! And yeah, I get upset with myself when I can't keep up.

  4. How right you are! It can be confusing in the beginning... it's wonderful to have someone reach out and show an interest in your words. What they're really showing an interest is in your heart. And it's warming indeed. Lin has been my constant. I love her (all of you) to pieces for the way you encourage me and help me see value in my musings. Kay is a cyberspace angel for many of us.

  5. Awww gee! What a homecoming to come home to. You and everybody are making me tear up. Thank you so much! You've just made my whole day, my whole week, my whole life. Love you, Dellgirl!


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