Thursday, January 15, 2009


The harder I tried to get to blogging yesterday, the more things I found I needed to do around the house before I could. By the time I logged on and found my space, I realized CNN was repeating itself like a broken record. I'm referring to "Bernie Madoff, accused of what could be the largest Ponzi scheme ever" and "the guy who supposedly tried to kill himself after scamming hundreds of people", I feel for their victims. I wish both would be sent straight to jail-prison-chain-gang-the-whole-nine-yards without passing go and without collecting $200.00.
I learned my lesson the hard way many many years ago. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! Way back in the days before computers, email, and text messages I received this handwritten letter from a friend, a real live person I had grown up with. The letter looked innocent enough and started out all friendly and interesting. Before I knew what happened things went south.
My friend, Emillie June said, "Let's do our own version of the 'old chain letter'. Instead of sending this to strangers we'll send it to friends only. And, instead of asking for money, we'll ask for and send out dish towels. All you (that's ME, dellgirl) have to do is send a dish towel to "ME" (that's her - Emillie June) and send a dish towel to the next 4 people on the list along with this letter. Then add five more of your friends names to the bottom of the list. Pretty soon you will have lots and lots of dish towels, probably enough to start a store with.
Skeptic that I am, I pondered long and hard about this. Finally I thought, what the heck. What's 5 measley dish towels amoung friends...I can get a bundle of dish towels at the dollar store for a couple of bucks. I did (after careful consideration)...and I waited for my dish towels to arrive in the mail.
I'm still waiting...
And, that's why people like Bernie and the death faking guy would never be able to convince me to invest in anything - no matter how good they made it sound.


  1. lol, i remember those old chain letters. the new forwards to your entire email list or else...remind me of those and I HATE forwards from most everyone. Maybe one in a hundred is worth the time to read it.

  2. I have too many dish towels (LOL) so if you ever res erect the idea, let me know where to send my excess.

  3. LOL I have never messed with that stuff. The tired forwards that have been floating around the net for twenty years (yes, I've really been online that long) are now appearing posted as blog fodder . . . er . . . posts.

    I automatically delete any message that has FW: more than twice. I love the prayers everyone wants me to share but I've been there; done that and they've never accomplished their mission.

    As Lin said, a worthwhile one is rare.


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