Monday, September 8, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Crazy, huh? After fiddling around most of the morning and into the afternoon, dawdling my time away with other stuff, it finally dawned on me that I'm avoiding committing to the computer today.

It has become increasingly frustrating to sit in front of the monitor and have to make so many dang adjustments in order to accomplish anything. First, I have to toss my head way way back to find the 'just right' spot in my eye glasses to see the durn writing. Then, I can only see one 'itty-bitty' space, about an inch or so wide. Next, I have to adjust my glasses up and down and sideways with my non-dominant hand to get them in a good position until I have read all that I'm trying to read.

On and on it goes, throw the head back, read a bit, move the glasses back and forth, read a bit more. Uggghhh, what a bummer! It has gotten so bad, I get a nasty taste in my mouth when "the-eye-glass-head-back-dance" is in progress.

Today I did put up a couple of pictures over at dellgirl's, that's about it. Pictures are okay - they're bigger, so I can see them alright.

Good news though, for me anyway. At least, I hope it makes a difference. Last week I went and had my eyes tested for a new prescription. Yea! Finally! It's about time. I should have done that long before I started getting dizzy from all the head tossing and eye glass adjusting, before it got so bad. Oh well, lesson learned - the hard way.

More. Sort of good news. The nice lady who fitted me for my frame said it would be about a week before my new glasses are ready, but she would call if they got them ready earlier. I hope it is earlier.

Maybe once I get the new glasses, I can read more spaces with odd colored backgrounds and even odder (I made that word up) colored writing. LOL. I have forced myself to find a way to read my friends' spaces with such colorings.

However, new folks have invited me to be friends but when I got to their spaces and found "COLORS" on "COLORS" I immediately clicked away. Sorry, it's just that bad.

So much for the 'rant', thanks for listening. Got to go now and give the "head-tossing-eye-glass-fixing" queen a break.

I'll see you all later - after the EYE BREAK.


  1. maybe you need some glasses just for the computer. i find I do better without my glasses and move the screen back a bit. good luck.

  2. I'm going to see the optometrist next week. I hope I get better glasses, too! Good luck with yours.


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