Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Publish a Great Blog Post

Lately I have been visiting new blogs to interact with new people. An hour ago I clicked over to a new blog from a friend’s blog. The background was light pink with a slightly darker pink font color. Oops, this is not good (for me anyway). I tried to read the blog anyway so I could make friends with someone new.

The blog post was very long. Paragraphs were each 6 to 8 inches of words, words, words. There were no intermittent paragraph breaks as far down as the eye could see.

I am an older, notice I didn’t say OLD, person with imperfect eyesight. I find it hard to read posts because they are not divided into paragraphs. Many times a compelling title makes me TRY to read them, but it is so very hard to do. I often have to click away from the blog post because of this.  

I am also a retired teacher who loves helping others. So the following information is offered as constructive assistance for anyone wanting to improve their writing.

Directions for creating a great post:

1.Type your first two or three sentences.

2.Hit the “enter/return” key two times. This will give you a space between your sentences, creating paragraphs.

*NOTE: You will repeat this process throughout the entire post. Type two or three sentences. Then click the return key two times to leave a space. (Repetitious on purpose)

When you compose and type your post leaving space between every two to three sentences, it will be easier to read and to understand. This will keep readers on your page longer.

3. Another good idea for an easier to read blog is to be careful with your background colors and font colors. Not all color mixtures make for easy reading. The wrong color mixture could cause some readers to leave your blog without reading it.

Try these tips and you will love what you see.

Is this information understandable? Did you find it helpful? Why? Why not? Do you have any tips to share with us? We’d love to hear them.


  1. Back when social media's biggest site was Myspace, users could do almost anything with their homepage. Lime green backgrounds, annoying music, unreadable text. Looked like virtual vomit even though kids in middle school thought they were making the "coolest" homepages. I believe it's one of the reasons why Facebook took over prevented people from doing that stuff on theirs.

  2. also use lots of photos and little text, maybe just captions under the photos?

  3. A thing that is awful for me to experience is the horrible color combo I see with white lettering on brilliant pale yellow, pale pink..pale orchid. ANY of the pastels and white font is an anathema and I'm outta there. They can't read it either, so do they do it on purpose?

    The lack of breaks between paragraphs or topic is another deal breaker...so your two main points are excellent.

    What a good reminder here! xox


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