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Print On Demand

Self-Publishing for Beginners (con't): Part II

"On Demand" Basics

"Print-On-Demand" is the Smart way to launch a book. You can save MONEY with smaller print runs and ordering books as demand increases. Once your book is set up in most systems, it will be printed, quite literally, on demand. The use of demand printing eliminates wasted printings of books that do not sell, and avoids overstock sitting in stores or a warehouse.

The basis behind Print-on-Demand is that a computer is used instead of the traditional offset printing process. The ultimate in print-on-demand is the production of one copy at a time. The newer model, self-publishing and print-on-demand is perfect for writers and ‘info-preneurs’ that want a solution to make money fast, increase exposure or grow a business.

One misconception about print-on-demand is that it always means printing one at a time. A print-on-demand service might produce one publication at a time for one client but print sets of 100 for another.

Print-On-Demand is good for writers as it is a process that offers many advantages over offset printing. POD is the best solution for customers who require small volumes of printed material or targeted direct mail campaigns while minimizing stock holding and benefiting from a quick turnaround.

Here are a few Print-On-Demand Publishers, in no particular order. Keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands of POD publishers on the internet. Research them for yourself and choose the one that best suits your purpose and your budget.

I have not personally used any of them, just performed the search for what might be available when we need it.
  • Booksurge
  • Instantpublisher
  • Outskirtspress
  • iUniverse Print On Demand Publishers

*A Word of Caution: Print-On-Demand companies do not edit or copyedit the material they are given. You must take the responsibility of getting your book copyedited or the result can be a poor product.

What this post helpful? Do you have any self-publishing tips you'd like to share, successes or nightmares? We would love to hear them.

Part III: POD Self-Publishing for Beginners coming soon.

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  1. I think there is a major charge like $300+ to get your book set up. I prefer to do my own and print them out as needed. I'm using UPS this time because I like their perfect binding. lots to learn about this topic. My costs per book are about $5 for 80+ page book. Then you have to add costs for bookstore to sell it and if you want a profit more also. I'm cutting out the bookstore and trying to sell it locally and on my blog for $10 rather than the $15 if it was in a bookstore-then it also needs an ISBN number which costs more. It's a little complicated...I'm learning lots.

  2. I chose Lulu for this first work and so far I've been happy with the process. Lin is right...I'm learning alot in this process.

  3. Blessings.....hope all is well with you and yours...

    Very good advice. Will keep in mind.

  4. Hi, Dellgirl.

    Don't forget to mention Author House Publishing in your list of on-demand publishers. That is the one that my sister, Carol Lee, chose to use when we published my brother John's book, "Blood Kin" posthumously. They were wonderful.

    Thanks for all the information on this. There is so much to learn. One thing that I can't stress enough is: if you're going to go this route, have someone edit your book, if you don't know how to do it yourself. It's such an important step.

    By the way: Don't miss the contest for a chance to win one of THREE FREE autographed books on my blog. Also, there's a very interesting guest interview that you won't want to miss. Pass the word, ok?

    Much love,
    Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

  5. Thanks, Lin for sharing that with us. I'm so glad I asked the question instead of thinking people would automatically share this information. Everything you said is right on point and valuable info.

    And yes, it gets somewhat complicated. It takes a lot of research and digging to find what we need to go forward.

    Thanks again for sharing this very helpful piece of info.

    Thank you, MomsWeb for joining in, everyone I have talked to who has used Lulu reports that they are happy with the service and their results. I appreciate your input.

    Did you get my answers to your questions? Let me know.

    Hi, Rhapsody. I appreciate the good wishes, thanks for letting me know you were here.

    Hope you're having a good week.

    Hey, Cynde. Thanks for adding Author House Publishing to the list, glad you stopped by and let us hear from you.

    I will definitely come by for today's interview.

    Happy Writing & Publishing everyone!


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