Thursday, March 19, 2009

10 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Write

I haven't had time lately to write. Even with my goals written down and my energy level high, I still find that some items on my prioritized "to do" list come before writing.

My brain is crowded with ideas early in the morning but, instead of committing them to paper or the computer, I opt to do "just one thing first" then I'll write. Before I know it, the ideas are forgotten and I am well into performing other tasks.

Today is no different. I ignore the parade of ideas until it's too late. Now I'm chastising myself for it. On the other hand, I'll use the lesson as a reminder to be more aware and not do that again. Which brings me to the subject of today's post - how to find time to write.

I found some great tips for ways to find time to write at one of my favorite resource sites, Daily Writing Tips. As always, these tips are not for everybody, some people don't need them. The tips are for those searching for answers to the question, "how can I find time to write when I don't normally have any time to spare?"


10 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Write

How long do you need to write? We often think it’s not worth sitting down and starting a piece unless we have a whole afternoon clear – but even finding a spare hour can sometimes seem impossible.

Try thinking differently about the time you need to write: one ten-minute session, six days a week, adds up to an hour. That could be a blog post, a scene of a novel, a poem, the outline of a new book proposal…

Here’s ten ways to find at least ten minutes to write...READ MORE

Until we write again,


  1. I understand. However, "Writers Block" is a very real phenomena and characters have this cute way of not wanting to do what you want them to do which sends a body screamin' and cussin'! That said, sometimes I'm plain damn lazy. A (published) writer friend offers two rules for writing:

    1) Apply butt to chair.
    2) Write.

    I guess that's the bottom line -- no pun intended!!!! LOL

  2. I keep a little note pads of sticky notes with me near the bed etc. so when an idea comes along I jot it down before it's gone. Works for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing this bit of writing information!

    I,too,often find it very difficult to sit down and write after a very full day.

    Have a wonderful evening!

    Much love,

  4. Thanks, Leona. I find I'll have a ton of ideas one day and then go for a string of days when nothing comes to mind. I do have a white board in my home office where I jot down ideas to jog my memory. It helps....most of the time.

  5. These are some good ideas... and I definitely need some help in this area. I'll have an idea pop into my mind and not jot it down. Somehow in the rough and tumble of the day, it get's lost. So, Lin's idea would be most helpful...
    as would Kay's. I think, however my favorite came from Kay's comment.

    1. Apply butt to chair.
    2. Write.

    Thanks for the boost. It came at a great time.


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