Monday, December 8, 2008

Scribble Out Your Frustration

"Please continue to hold, your call is important to us." La- la-la-lala. La-lalala. You hold and hold and hold.

Five minutes later, "A representative will be with you. Please continue to hold.

Sound familiar? At this point, I'm doodling mindlessly across the page in front of me - waiting, waiting, waiting.

Little did I know that doodling held any significance until I stumbled upon this article about scribbling. I found the information very interesting.


Adapted from article in Fitness Magazine, October 1999, by Dale Schwarz

This 5 minute exercise, uses mindful drawing to help manage workplace frustration. "Creativity goes beyond the arts to include how we make choices and live our lives," says Schwarz. "Doodling engages both left and right sides of the brain, and can indicate ...READ MORE


  1. doodlings a good way if you are stuck with writing also until something else comes along.

  2. Hmmmm.... I don't much doodle... I must have an empty mind. :-)


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