Friday, November 21, 2008

Writing Numbers

Rules For Writing Numbers by Jane Straus

The first rule for writing numbers, spell out single-digit whole numbers, sticks in my mind. I have no problem remembering it. On the other hand, I don't always follow the rule. Many times I alternate between using the numeral and writing the word, though not in one document. I do try to be consistent that much.

Beyond that, the rules require more concentration and recall than I care to or have time to put forth. It is then that I rely on my all time favorite, Grammar Book .com for help. Staying consistent within a category or writing fractions, large numbers, round numbers, decades, time, using hypens, and beginning sentences with numbers all require a trip to the rule book.

For a complete guide to writing numbers, make friends with Jane Straus and the THE BLUE BOOK of Grammar and Punctuation.


  1. i remember that rule, thanks for the reminder

  2. Ugh! Do I have to? Can't I just leave it to the reader to sift the chaff from the wheat so to speak? I'm an old lady. I don't think I have the oompapa to learn all of the technicalities that educated, appropriate and correct authors use.

  3. Thanks for recommending my site, I strive to make the explanations and quizzes user friendly and fun. It's always nice to hear that I am achieving these goals.

  4. Thanks a bunch! I have to confess I'm usually lazy about doing my punctuation properly but it sure is nice to know where I can go to check! I'll add that site to my blog so I can remember where to check.


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