Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Writing Addresses

This is a rule I have broken without knowing it since I learned the rule in high school. First, it says use all CAPS.


I never heard of such a thing!!! I only use all caps when making a special point, it's like "YELLING"... to me.

It then says, do not use any punctuation. When did this happen? What about my precious periods and commas? What am I supposed to do instead? I have to use periods and commas in addresses.

Find the Rules for Writing Addresses here:
OR, the URL:


  1. I'm too old to let some persnickety program specialist tell me how to address an envelope, or post a blog, or sweep my kitchen floor for that matter.

    We all have our own styles and our own methods... some things are worth memorizing and re-learning, and some aren't worth learning how to re-do. Like writing addresses for instance.

    I say use lower case and place your comma's where you want em...


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