Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Handbag How-To - - for Guys Also

A while back I received this email about women sitting their purses on floors in public toilets, in cars, on the ground, etc. It also presented statistics on the amount of germs and bacteria purses contain afterwards. It was disgusting! 

The email strongly warned against putting your purse on any surface when you are away from home.

That handbag story was so-o-o-o-o "eye-opening and upsetting"! I immediately grabbed my wire cutters, a white coat hanger (they're softer), and pliers and got busy. I even left my computer running while I did the following.

I will never be caught putting my purse down anywhere - EVER - again! SO!

This is how I solved the problem (below). Guys, you can do this for your lady. She’ll be happily surprised and thankful.

1. Cut a piece of wire from the coat hanger about 6 - 7 inches long with the wire cutters.

2. Bend the cut piece of wire into an "S" shape with the pliers. That’s it!

3. Ladies, keep this "s" hook in your purse. When you find yourself in a public toilet you can hang this up and hang your purse on it.


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  1. I shared this so others mat kmow

  2. Wow, thanks Martin. I appreciate that. Ladies will LOVE being able to keep those handbags germ-free.

  3. My wife usually sits her down a table, I think

  4. That IS a great idea.. I have tried hard not to allow my purse to hit the floor at all. I don't even like resting it on a sink edge in a rest room. Also, where your purse rests in a grocery cart, little kids bottoms have been sitting there. Use the wipes provided to wipe down that plastic piece that kids sit on up front. There was a lot of e coli on them and your purse will get it on it's bottom also.

  5. I wear a small backpack so I never put it down. When I'm sitting at a table, it hangs on my knee. Not really comfortable, but I don't want to put it on the ground and definitely don't want to hang it behind my back on a chair.

  6. Great tips that could go a long way. I hope you are well, warm greetings to you!


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