Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Save Money Using Facebook & Twitter

I read somewhere that you can save money using Facebook and Twitter. My first thought was, “yea, right” … like that’s going to happen. Then I read the entire article. It made a lot of sense, I learned a lot from it.

The first thing I learned was that my Facebook news feed sometimes contains great sales promoted by companies that I love and that I use frequently. The article stated that I should follow the company (itself) or follow the company's Facebook page to get updates, offers, and/or coupons. 

This was news to me! I had always purposely NOT followed companies or product pages since joining Facebook. The idea had me hooked, I had to read on. I would not have thought of this on my own.

The article also advised searching the company’s Twitter feed. Sometimes they offer coupons for additional discounts on purchases. What a great tip! Before I read this, I had not been able to see any benefits from using Facebook or Twitter. Now I do, this is really cool.

I have also read other articles explaining how to use Facebook to save money.

Do you use Facebook or Twitter? Do you use them to shop? Have you ever used them to save money? How do you use FaceBook and Twitter?


  1. I never really use them for that

  2. interesting news, i've noticed after I buy something--I get lots of ads for more of the same product which seems invading my privacy but guess I could pursue coupons if I wanted too. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I don't use them for that either, Adam. I read the article and found it interesting, so I thought I'd share it.

  4. You're welcome for the tip Lin. I also notice when I simply search for a product (not buy it) it repeatedly shows up everywhere I turn.

  5. I don't use Facebook much but it's more often than I should. I don't do Twitter though. Facebook is bad enough. I have a bad enough time trying to keep up with my blog.

  6. Hi Leona, in the past, I've followed a few brands and retailers that I use often, and availed of some offers. I've not specifically focused on Facebook and Twitter though. I'm on the email list of some of these retailers and brands and mostly get exclusive discounts and coupons via my email.

    But, now that social media has really taken on a life of its own, retailers are trying their best to leverage from their social media accounts and offering exclusive discounts for "Liking" their Facebook page or "following" then on Twitter. I think it's a good idea and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  7. I haven't been using Twitter as much as I did in the past and when I did I would sometimes click through to a link regarding a sale, deal or interesting item to purchase. On Facebook, I notice the ads and if it's something I've been considering purchasing then I'll click the link. I haven't been paying attention to the companies I follow, I think I'm missing the posts in my feed since I'm not on that often any longer.

    I'm all about saving money so I'll be continuing to keep my eyes open for savings on these social media sites.


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