Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dishtowel Angel

Here is a great way to spruce up an ordinary gift and make it extra special. Instead of simply wrapping dishtowels and pot holders make them into pretty kitchen decorations. The recipient can then use them as decorations or take them apart and use them for their original purpose, washing dishes.

What you'll need:

1 dishtowel
1 washcloth
1 Pot holder


1. Fold the dishtowel lengthwise into a fan, then fold the strip in half. Tie it off 2 or 3 inches from fold with ribbon, to make the head. Set this aside.

2. Fold the washcloth into a fan for the arms. Set this aside.

3. Now Fanfold the potholder with the loop on the top for the wings.

4. Place the washcloth on top of the potholder and tie in the center with a ribbon. Lay this (unit) on the table with the potholder down and the washcloth facing up.

5. Lay dishtowel on top of potholder and washcloth.

6. Bring the arms (washcloth) around front and tie together 1 inch from ends, for the hands.

For more: How-to Photos and directions can be found at Family


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