Sunday, October 23, 2016

ABCs for Better Blogging: A Challenge

This is personal. It is a concept I developed lately to become a better blogger. I call it “My 5 ABCs for Better Blogging Challenge”, since I made this for myself. Why would I do such a thing, you ask? 

I do it because I re-visited some of my old blog posts from a few years ago and realized I had missed many opportunities to interact more meaningfully with visitors to my blog. There were many things I could have done differently that would have made me more engaging as a blogger.

Thinking about the missed many opportunities made me realize I could do a whole lot better as a blogger. So I decided to change the way I do things as I blog, blog, blog here on Blogger.

Following is my list of things to do and ways to interact to become a better blogger.   

Things to do to become a better blogger:
A – Always reply to comments on posts. Remember that people took their valuable time to visit your blog and to read your post, and even more of their time to leave a comment.

B – Be kind, Be courteous, Be supportive. If you (I) don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything. .. just click away.

C – Carefully craft your comments to the topic of a post. Don’t just throw out some meaningless gibberish, it’s insulting.

D – Do unto other Bloggers what you want done unto you. This is self explanatory, needs no further messing with.

E – Each time you visit a post, read it before commenting. It can make or break your credibility if your comment is unrelated to the topic.

That’s it, my personal challenge to myself to improve the quality of my Blogging experience and also the experience of those that I interact with. Do you have any ideas for better blogging? Add them in the comments section. This is a way we can help each other.

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  1. I try to add a photo and keep my posts shorter so that it doesn't require a lot of time to read. I know bloggers often have a lot of people they want to visit. I try to write a response to someone who is commenting Anonymously because they don't have a blog where I can make that connection. I don't respond to every comment I get because I just can't keep it up. I'm having a hard time right now just trying to visit blogging friends and I feel guilty about that. I guess every blogger looks for different things, but this is what I try to do.

  2. Girl, you rock. But I have thought that for nigh on toward 10 years. Gitten' there.

  3. Great ideas and ABCs to live by when it comes to blogging Leona! I particularly like "D" :) One thing that I do as well is moderate comments and never feed the trolls, no matter how tempted I feel ;)


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