Thursday, September 22, 2016

Night Hunger

Do you ever get hungry during the wee hours of the night or the early morning hours while you’re asleep? Have you had hunger pangs so bad they wake you up from a sound sleep? I have. What do you do about it when it happens to you? Me? I get something to EAT!

I read an article several years ago stating that people like me who get hungry during the night and get up to eat, have a problem. These professionals/experts say there is something missing in our lives. According to these experts, it’s a deep-seated emotional need that has not been fulfilled.

Needless to say, I threw that diagnosis out real fast, never to think about it again. Truth be told, the only thing missing in my life when those monster hunger pains hit is "FOOD".
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Experts, professionals, or whoever has the time or inclination, can analyze me till they are blue in the face. I'm fine the way I am – I say take it or leave it to them. I get hungry, I go eat!

I think they're just jealous they can’t do night eating without getting really really fat, or developing heartburn, or something along those lines. They might be prone to acid-reflux attacks if they eat late at night. I don’t. I eat and fall right back to sleep, with a satisfied tummy.  

Ooops, it looks like I'm getting ready to jump up on my "high horse" and get all “high and mighty”. I’d better quit now.

Again I ask you: Do you get hungry while you’re asleep? Have you had hunger pangs that wake you up? I know I do. What do you do about it when it happens to you? 


  1. No, no, don't show me these. I am now diagnosed with diabetes. Sigh.... I have to watch what I eat now and it's not fun.

  2. I eat nuts and water or cereal with milk or fruit...

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  4. I seldom experience this, I did on a couple occasion but that's usually when i go to bed without supper. When hunger hits i just drink a glass of water and go back to sleep.

    Perhaps you go to bed early and that's why you get hungry, well whatever if you been doing it for years and you are fine then its not a big deal. There are worst things.

    I find that people in North American tend to make shit up only to take it back years later when they have raked in a shitload of money. Which begs the question: What's motivating these so called "diagnosis"?

    Stay blessed.
    have a splendid week.


  5. I haven't so far. I have been very hungry when I wake, but so far, I've not waked in the night to eat. Sounds fun! :-)


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