Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself - A BookReview

How to Raise Your Kids and Still Have Time for Yourself is Old advice that still works today…

The author provides many helpful tips for finding time for yourself while raising your child/children. She has categorized the tips according to the age group your child falls into. She begins with tips for things to do to find time for yourself if your child is a newborn up to two years old.

The very first tip is as old as I am, probably older. She advises doing things while your child sleeps. This is one piece of advice my mother, grandmother, and everyone else gave me when my grown (really old now) kids were babies.

IT WORKS though. 

-This book of tips is full of helpful tips for first time mothers. It provides tried and proven ways to find some much needed time to devote to themselves.  New mothers will find their lives less stressful by utilizing these tried and true tips and advice.

-This book is also good for first time, older grandmothers (like me) who have not had to care for babies or kids for a long, long time. That is why I requested the book, my youngest kid is OLD. And, I do mean OLD.

-The main benefit of this book is that new mothers will learn early how to find time for herself before she becomes overwhelmed with her role as a new mother. She will learn that making herself a priority and taking time for herself will drastically improve her life.

-The book is a quick easy read and, it is well written.

CONS:  There are no CONS because I know from personal experience that these tips and advice work. One has only to try them and apply them to realize their value.

I used many of these tips when my kids were growing up and, they worked. This book is worth the price for new mothers, single moms and dads, and grandmothers because these tips work.

I recommend this book of tips. I requested this book as a new, first time grandmother, and it works for me today. I recommend it.

I received this e-Book FREE in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion.  


  1. I admire your sacrifices to help your daughter and grandson out...good advice although I'd say for a new mother catch up on your sleep!

  2. Looks like a very useful book, every mother should have!

  3. aww, thanks for the visit (((Hugs))
    i feel like my life is in the clothes dryer tumbling around...

  4. Leona, I can only feel for mothers and how much sacrifice they do to raise their kids. Good of you to highlight this.

  5. Blessings...
    sounds good.
    from what I've learnt i could add a few tips myself.

  6. This looks like a great read. I've met some parents who look completely harried. They need to make time for themselves.

  7. Sigh... I wish I could see my grandkids more often. I miss them so much. Actually, when my own kids took naps, so did I.

  8. Hi Leona, thanks for your early Easter wishes. I want to wish you and your family a Very Happy and Blessed Easter as well. God bless!


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