Sunday, February 7, 2016


Multitasking Is Not All That It’s Pumped Up To Be. In my opinion, multitasking is like a tangled extension cord. 

Long before the term multitasking became a household word I knew a lot of people who tried doing more than one thing at a time. I never understood the practice because they usually ended up half doing something or not properly completing all that they had undertaken.

I even married a master at multitasking. Yes, you got that right! Mister-Papa-dellgirl has been a multitasking pro during our entire 40+ years of marriage.

During the early years of our marriage, he would drop the transmission in a car so he could replace it. Halfway through unscrewing the screws and bolts, he’d jack-up another car to start work on replacing the brake shoes.

With both wheels off the brake shoes car, and the transmission almost un-bolted from the other car, he’d hurry into the house and start seasoning meat to put on the bar-b-que pit. It made me crazy just watching him scurry around from one project to another.

I called it “being a busy body”. Now they have a politically correct term for the phenomenon …they call it multitasking. I still say it is being a busy body. 
A few years ago I read in the Renew Magazine by United Health Care that multitasking is not a good practice. According to the article, multitasking fatigues the brain and reduces productivity and accuracy.

Didn’t I say that at the beginning of this rant? Do you do multitasking? How successful are you at it? Do you know someone else who does it? How successful are they at it?


  1. I'm always multitasking but managed to finish up lots of things while hubby can only stick with one thing...boring! lol!

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Lin. Glad you stopped by to read. I am a one thing person also, AND my hubby calls it boring too. LOL

  3. Blessings....
    Well it is said that multi-taskers are the "jack of all trades but master at nothing." reason being things never truly get completed.

    I multitasks though i have learnt it is better to do each tasks one at a time till its completion and more is accomplished this way.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. I multi-task. I keep browsers and documents open, working on things a little bit at a time until they're done by the end of the day or week. Sometimes I become forgetful, but I stick to my to-do list to finish things.

  5. I do. Sorta had to during all the years as a rotating shift worker. Long 12 hour shifts and overtime making it 16 time was precious and boy there was a lot to do. Always been good at multitasking if I do say so myself. (Just call me BB...Busy Body)

  6. I'm totally agree that multitasking is not productive. It takes some time and and attention to switch often to another task. And it takes some our nerves...

  7. Multi tasking is just too difficult for me. If I skip over to something else, I forget what I was doing and never get back to it. Sigh...


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