Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Meet Erica & Cody Wagner - Twin Teenage Writers

Meet Erica and Cody Wagner, they are published writers.  And, guess what? They are teenagers! Erica and Cody are homeschooled, 13 year old twins. The twins have been writing books since they were 10 years old. Cody loves cars, he is a car guy.  Erica, on the other hand, is all about science. 

Separately, Erica has written two books, and Cody has written two books. The twins also co-authored a book, Minecraft for Parents by Cody and Erica Wagner, together.

I am happily excited to introduce the twins for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they are successfully doing what many of us have only dreamed of doing - - they are writing. Their work is published and available for us to read and enjoy.
Erica and Cody’s books are available on Amazon, which is another reason I am thrilled to introduce them to you. Many of us also wish we were featured on Amazon.

Erica and Cody’s Kindle Book titles are:

The Stick, A Turtle and a Fish by Cody Wagner
My Quest to Catch a Fish by Erica Wagner
Erica's Guide to taking care of a Grasshopper by Erica Wagner
Legend of the Viper according to Cody Wagner

Erica and Cody have also created Udemy Courses and they are premium instructors on Udemy. They were interviewed on their local Fox News for their Udemy courses. How awesome is that for 13 year olds!

Erica and Cody’s  Udemy courses are:

How to Play Minecraft for Parents by Erica and Cody Wagner
Pic Monkey for Beginners - Erica Wagner
Automotive Tips for Women - Don't Get Scammed by Mechanics - Cody Wagner

Do you have or know a young person with potential for writing? Do you wonder how you can help them get started? Visit Erica and Cody’s Amazon Author Pages for inspiration and motivation:

There you have it, my introduction of Erica and Cody Wagner, two amazingly awesome teenage writers! 


  1. THAT is so COOL! I love seeing this. Congratulations to these young people and may they continue to strive and accomplish just as they are doing right now!

  2. what talent and drive at such a young age!

  3. Hi Katie, thank you for taking the time to come by and for reading. You are right, this is SO cool. I love it too. It is heartwarming to see kids this young not only writing books but also publishing them.

  4. Hey, Lin. It's good to see you, thanks for stopping to read. Yes, their talent and drive is to be admired. I am excited for them and wish them all the best.

  5. blessings...

    thanks for the referral.
    Hope you are well and enjoying life.


  6. Blessings
    stopped in to wish you a fabulous Sunday and a marvelous week ahead

  7. Oh gracious! That's impressive. As a matter of fact my granddaughter is crazy about Minecraft. I just can't understand it. I guess I need a book like that.


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