Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Behind the Mask

Does anybody ever really know someone else? Do you know the REAL person you call your spouse? Do your friends and loved ones truly know the REAL you?  Do you wear a mask to keep the REAL you from anyone?

As human beings we tend to show one face to the world and an entirely different face to those we are closest to. We put on our mask and we go out to greet the world. And finally, there is a YOU that NOBODY really knows - - sometimes.

Who gets to see the REAL you, the person you are when you are alone and nobody is looking?

I wore a mask for a very long time and I didn’t even know it. It went something like this. I would feel down and out, frustrated, and totally out of sorts. But, when I stepped outside my house into the world, I had a smile on my face. When asked how I was doing, I always replied positively that everything was just fine and I was doing okay. 

Behind the smile, my mask, I hid the truth.

Have you ever worn a mask? Do you wear one now? What is Behind Your Mask? Do you know anyone else who wears a mask?

What are your thoughts on “hiding behind a mask”? 


  1. I pretty much don't wear one. I did at work as one can;t show anything but positivity at work generally and really, the is understandable to me.

    And too, if friends ask me how I am or detect anything, I'm willing to tell them what is wrong. I am fortunate though. I have the Lord to tell all of it to and He walks right beside me.

  2. trying to be more real...with those I trust and enlarge that circle...lol!

  3. Oh yes, I definitely know my spouse. I think we all use masks when we're outside the house. With Art and me though, he's always able to see behind my mask easily.

  4. I have been thinking about this lately..
    But more in the way that I need alone time at home which i havent had in over a year. My mask is one of "I'm fine" also, but i am actually full of anger wanting privacy. I want to be able to not hide my facial expressions in my own home. my home used to be where I could rest and pray.

  5. Blessings....
    hmmmmm......good question.

    Masks....life require that we dawn them. It is not just one mask but several depending on the place. Masks are necessary to survival as it can be dangerous to reveal your underbelly to everyone. The danger? The opportunist waiting to eat your innards like a starved cannibal salivating at the sight of your rhythmic flesh as you saunter by. One must be mindful who they reveal their true face to.

    Truth, what we know of those we share our lives with and those around us are a combinations of observations, pattern behaviors, actions, reactions and what they allow you to know. Beyond that, its all up for grabs because in my experience I have observed that most people do not share all of their insides with anyone regardless of the nature of the relationship.

  6. I'm a mask-wearer, especially if I'm trying to hide negative emotions. I want to appear strong, confident, and capable in most circumstances.

  7. I always feel that when I smile instead of letting problems show in my face I'm doing myself and the world a favor. For my closest friends I can open up, however, and show what's going on if I'm upset. Interesting...I've never thought of a smile being a mask at all. Putting on a mask would require a lot of deception- like heavy make-up or an actual mask. Everybody looks better with a smile on their face. Smile anyway. As the song goes, smile though your heart is breaking...

    Hi everybody ! ; ))) The Castle Lady


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