Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Awesome Autumn

Photo © by dellgirl 

Fall is easily my favorite season of the year, right up there with spring. It is amazing how fast the time has passed, and even more incredible that this, my favorite season, is quickly coming to an end.

Today is the perfect example of why I love the fall season. Brightly colored leaves float through the air and fall to the ground like rain as tree branches sway gently back and forth.

I smile as I stand mesmerized at the sight. The trees are a blaze of color; orange tinged with shades of gray, gold filled with specks of bronze, green holding its own among the wildly changing colors. Exquisite examples of the absolute and the infinite they are.

God’s finest garments adorn every inch of nature, from the single blades of grass beneath our feet to every leaf-filled branch reaching toward the heavens.

It would be easy to look at the colors of fall and declare that things are dying. Things are NOT dying they are becoming new again with each cool crisp breeze, with each fire-red leaf. They are gracefully preparing the way for new opportunities. Each flurry of bright vivid leaves gently floating to the ground makes ready for new growth below.

I love so many things about this, my favorite season I can hardly believe my eyes and my good fortune. This is without a doubt the most gloriously magnificent burst of fall I have ever witnessed.

What are your thoughts about fall and its awesome tapestry of colors? What do you like best about the fall season? What is YOUR favorite season of the year? 


  1. I like fall and spring too probably cause I live in the desert and they are the most comfortable. We are just now finishing up autumn with its many colors and falling leaves. Glad you pointed out it not a dying time but just changing into new opportunities...

  2. Leona, I love fall and spring. Spring because everything wakes up and is all new. Fall because of the crispness and deliciousness of the cooler weather. The leaves and their color and the crunchiness walking on them. We don't rake. I love them on the ground. Ha. Merry Christmas, friend.

  3. We tend to visit our children in fall because of the wonderfully cooler temperatures and the beautiful fall colors. They were truly magnificent this year. I'm glad you got to enjoy them too. I think my favorite time of year was always spring though. I loved seeing all the spring flowers burst through.

  4. blessing my dear....
    Yes, i agree fall and spring are my thing.

    Fall reminds me though of the sense of knowing we are born with. In the Islands when some children colored leaves in reds, oranges, blacks, pinks, blues, yellows, purples they were told no they are either green or brown, oh how wrong they were! God gives the gift of knowing and if we are nurtured by those to rigid to let that knowing bloom, we forget, then spend our life once we are grown trying to get back to that KNOWING.

  5. I am a Spring and Fall fan too! Great minds!!!


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